For Dorothea: Paintings, Drawings and Notes, 2018

A 272 page artist book by Caitlin Lonegan, with texts by Michael Ned Holte and Kavior Moon Published by Verlag Fur Moderne Kunst
Edited by Galerie Naechst St Stephan
Distributed by D.A.P.

Abstract Painting Now! Gerhard Richter, Katharina Grosse, Sean Scully... 2017

A large scale kunsthalle exhibition with accompanying catalog at Kunsthalle Krems, Austria, featuring over 60 different contemporary approaches to abstraction, some of which are not abstract at all.
curated by Florien Steininger

Catalog produced by Koenig Books

Made in L.A. 2014 @ The Hammer Museum, 2014

The second iteration of Los Angeles' successful biennial championing emerging and underrepresented artists making work in Los Angeles.
Curated by Connie Butler and Michael Ned Holte

Caitlin Lonegan: 500 Words, Artforum, 2014

Caitlin Lonegan as told to Dawn Chan on

Wake Up Early Fear Death, Curated by Philipp Kaiser, 2014
Curated by, Vienna

A three person exhibition, curated by Philipp Kaiser as a part of Vienna's annual city-wide exhibition series "Curated by."
Includes the work of Laura Owens, Rebecca Morris, and Caitlin Lonegan at Gallery Naechst St Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwaelder, Vienna.

New American Paintings, 2013

Quarterly publication featuring emerging artists and images of their work.

Joan Mitchell Foundation, 2010

Artist Feature
non-profit organization offering support to artists at various stages of their career.